my approach

OD has a strong humanistic orientation, and my approach is always to look at socio-psychological factors affecting the matter at hand. The congruence between mission, strategy, structure, engagement, systems, management practices, culture, leadership and organisational performance is key in my approach to diagnosis and designing interventions to bring about planned change.

I don’t use pre-conceived tools and solutions, preferring to design interventions to suit your unique context. I will work alongside you to develop clarity on what your business needs right now, the future direction, how the business is addressing its most critical challenges, what must change and what be retained.

  • Initial conversations explore what matters to you, what's keeping you up at night. What do you see as some of the key intractable wicked problems affecting your organisation? As a senior leader, what's weighing on your mind most heavily at the moment? How should your organisation be repositioning itself in the world after or during change? What does this mean in terms of mindset, behaviours, structures? What's a key shift you’d like to see your organisation make?

  • I specialise in relational work, to ensure you deliver tangibles by working together on the intangibles. If you're looking for increased service delivery, we work on engagement; improved performance, we work on leadership. Looking for reform? We influence culture change. I do this by using a set of interventions tailored to your business and people. Examples include observation and group process consultation, conflict resolution, organisation confrontation meetings, large group interventions, appreciative enquiry, coaching, learning sets, action research or intact team facilitation. This gives you a flavour but every intervention is designed and delivered for you and the issue at hand.